Naturalisation and citizenship in Australia

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Australia? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Australia? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Australian citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hello Bhavna,

I am new in Aussie. Sorry I cannot answer your question.  I do not know how is the regulation to be citizenship in Australia. I am still looking for job in here. it seems very difficult to find job in Aussie.
I hope anyone in this member can help you.


Hi Bhavna,

There have been few changes to the rules recently but it isnt a great change for people who have arrived on a PR. The citizenship eligibility is 4 years of stay as a PR.
Coming to dual citizenship, Australia hasn't got a problem but it's the home country which should let one have th or passport or not. So this depends on country to country again.

The advantage is jobs but at the same time not all jobs require citizenship. With rules changing so drastically, I would suggest one to take it up.
Any questions message me guys.

Cheers !

To find job so difficult absolutely it will take awhile to find something suitable for u.    Keeep looking don't given up

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