Air pollution - how bad is it?


We may have the chance to move Delhi.  There is so much that excites us about this but on the other hand I'm really concerned about the air pollution.  I've heard it's the worst of any major city in the world.  We have two young children, one of whom has mild asthma and this of course is on my mind.

I'd love to hear from people living in Delhi at the moment, particularly those with children.  How do you find the pollution?  Does it impact greatly on daily life?  Has it caused you/your children any health problems? 

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Hi there you listend about air poltuion it is true but delhi goverment is trying to control air polution dnt worry about that  its not a big issue i am also here with my family since last 10 years i am getting any problum..

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There are multiple ways to keep indoor air clean, especially when the outside air is very polluted:

You may consider buying indoor air purifiers. We recommend air purifiers with activated carbon filters, which is effective against chemicals, gases or viruses & High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA), which is effective against dust, allergen, bacteria, pollen and other Particulate Matters. However, we suggest you not to buy ozone producing air purifiers, as ozone is a serious health concern.  Additionally, you should also consider the size of the room in which you intend to use air purifier.
Use vacuum cleaner frequently to clean indoor surfaces and carpets.
Do not allow anyone to smoke indoor
You may consider buying indoor plants like Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Golden Pothos (Money Plant), Aloe plant etc to keep your indoor air clean.
By following these steps, you can minimize the deadly impact of the poisonous air. However, a lot more efforts are required, both citizen and government level to curb this menace of pollution.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all of this.

With young kids, do people find that the lifestyle is quite restricted?  For example, are there many days when you can't really go outside with the children?  Do you feel quite cooped up inside or are there lots of ways to manage and places you can still go?

There are many certain ways and precautions You Must Take to Fight Against Northern India’s Smog. Try to Stay Inside as Much as Possible. For more useful tips read our blog on Smog.

Polluted Fog in Delhi is high, makes your eyes burn. lungs get affected ..
Its not safe for new comers to visit Delhi...

Not recommended for Kids to leave the house, its very dangerous.
Life span is a ???????

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