What is going down - updates here please

OK, we have lot's of rumor's but few facts.

Please post what you know to be true rather that what you heard.

Benghazi is a mess, lots killed after an army camp was attacked.
The airport in Benghazi is open.
Misurata had an event yesterday, pro v anti.

Tripoli is quiet.

Internet is working but is intermittent, phones are working.

Stay safe people

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Offical travel advice from UK to Libya has been updated to "we reccomend all but essiental travel to areas outside Tripoli"

Which has cancelled my trip to Libya due 1st week in March!!

Flights from Tripoli last night to Bengazi were being cancelled.

Question to people actually in Libya at the moment. Knowing what you know at the monent, being on the ground and witnessing things 1st hand. if you were in my shoes, would you still Travel to Libya?

gunfire heard last night and smoke from the area around green square. this is firsthand info.

Heethy :

Question to people actually in Libya at the moment. Knowing what you know at the monent, being on the ground and witnessing things 1st hand. if you were in my shoes, would you still Travel to Libya?

At the moment i would stay right where you are. Several companies already started evacuating relatives of employees. Think about the position of your family back home, they will experience it a bit different then you being here. If i had the choice i wouldn't take the risk.

Stay safe!

Thanks for that shipwrecked, think I will stay put for at least a few weeks extra and wait to see how things unfold

UK advice again been ammended.

"We recommend against all but essential travel to Libya. Those without a pressing need to remain in the country, should leave by commercial means if it is safe to do so."

Hope you all stay safe either travelling home or staying put.

Several companies evacuating dependents.
I know of two  operators who have suspended drilling operations and are bringing their guys in off the rigs - not heresay, we have people on the rigs who are coming back.
We are moving families out and expat staff are on stand by to leave.
We will not bring anyone else into the country.

@Mojo Anything in and around Green square is most definitely PRO and nothing to worry about.

Around 8 o clock all shops were abruptly closed in front of Sultan Gym and we were asked to leave the gym immediately. On my way back to Janzour just before the bridge police truck came from behind and stopped 2 vehicles which were going to Tunis and told the other cars not to stop. All the shops that I passed by were closing if not closed already.

Now there is a statement that Son of the Leader will address the nation in some time.

I hope things will remain calm in tripoli.

Our company just decided to evacuate. That mean 25 people from Tripoli, Misurata and Ghums will be evacuated.
Decision has been made by our local agent based upon several shootings near down town. The shootings are confirmed by one of our people.

Take care!

Thanks for the update Shipwrecked.

Gunshots, fire and people shouting around Zaweet Dahmani

Janzour is very quiet. No fire crackers, no sirens, no gunfire. Lets hope it stays that way.

jim_swim :

Gunshots, fire and people shouting around Zaweet Dahmani

Around Bin Ashour too.

Mrs Mudman was out in Janzour tonight, roads blocked by locals, she can't get home.
Mobile network down?

Ditto Flasher!!! but u heard the mob chanting, didn't you?

I just don't want them to change the green flag. We really had it going with that one.

I was out driving around, Gorgi road is full of protesters, heading to green square, fires on the road.

Saif is talking

talking rubbish and grasping at straws in my opinion

Gaddafi clan is finished, I see the end

blaming a foreign conspiracy

can someone please translate seyf's speech. please!

Lies Lies Lies

he is blaming everbody but his regime

the guy is on denial

people now are angry incensed and marching on green square burning his pictures, huge crowds filling the roundabout infront of tuesday markets

the point of no return

his speech is taking a threatning tone

keep the flag

gining us a last chance or else

calling for a pepoles congress within 48 hours to reach a consensus

warning that oil will be destroyed

he is threatning, either come to the table or your future is, no oil, no gas, no construction projects...blah blah blah

a talk of a man resigned to his fate

he says: prepare for a new recolonisation by the west

europe will not accept islamisation, immigration therefore will invade libya

I can't believe what is coming out of this guy, he is so incensing libyans. if he thought he will calm the nation he has just done the exact opposite

he says, his father is not a Ben Ali or a Mubarak, his dad is loved by libyans!!!

can anyone please update me on the situation in Tripoli, PLEASE?

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