Malaysia EP Stage 1 Done, awaiting Stage 2 endorsement


I would like to enquire if I can travel to langkawi with my Stage 1 EP endorsement letter. My passport is currently sent to MSC for Stage 2 EP process and would come in 14 working days.

Appreciate a quick response. Do we need to show passport as a foreigner to go to langkawi via Car/Bus.Jetty etc.

You don't need a passport to travel internally, but the issue will probably arise when you try and book into a hotel.

I assume you have already started your job, so perhaps HR could prepare a letter in Bahasa Malayu (To whom it may concern) that you are employed by them and your passport has been sent to immigration (together with passport details etc.) This is  just a thought..... I have had issues at hotels in the past - so this may be the only sticking point.

Just one other point - Ramadan starts on Saturday and as Langkawi is quite a Muslim-oriented destination, it probably wont quite be business as usual. Do check out ferry timetable from Kuala Perlis as the demand is much lower and so the schedule may change.

Thanks a lot. I am here in KL for past 5 years so that's not a concern. I would ask my employer to issue the letter.

I will also call the hotel and ask them w.r.t this condition.

Hopefully all good.

If appropriate check the minimum time you need to be on Langkawi and duty free quota.

one litre per person into the mainland, after a minimum of 48 hours in langkawi.

Anyway I dont plan to buy Liquor this time :-)

Just to close the loop, I did travel to Langkawi over the weekend and It was just perfect. Less crowd, inexpensive hotel rooms and just 50 RM to rent a Myvi.

No body bothered to ask for my Passport or any other identity proof. I drove to Kuala Perlis and took a ferry to Langkawi.

I did take precautions however as I asked my HR dept to issue me a letter from MDEC stating that my passports are not with me and they are due for EP stage 2 processing.

Thanks all. Love Malaysia.

Thanks for feedback - how did you handle the hotel?

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