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Hi I'm Martin and i am coming over to Montenegro at the end of March to install 2 Broadband Internet satellites. I am interested in starting up a business company there and would like to hear from expats the pit falls etc. Also if any one wishes to become an acting agent for us to earn a nice commission. Please contact me ASAP. I would like to meet up with some expats while I am there so can you recommend any coffee or bars we can meet in. I look forward to hearing from you all. Regards Martin.

Hi Martin,

regarding your job offer, you should post in the classifieds

If you're in Montenegro and offering the satellite internet get in touch, I may have some clients interested in using this. I've sent you a PM.

Hi there, Im sorry but i can not find this message. Please can you contact me on xxx



Hi Martin, I am now living in Montenegro and am interested in the Broadband VSAT system. 

Can you send me more information please

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Hi Martin
I'm now living in Montenegro and I'm interested in your internet system, please get back to me

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Hello there,
You might want to check Telenor's "Mifi" system. Its 4G and works in most places where you don't have ADSL, and you can connect up to 10 devices on it.

I am living halfway up a mountain just above Budva.  When I first arrived I tried each of the local telecoms companies plug in 'dongle' but the signal and speed of internet up here was just not good at all.  Last year, I found another company and they came and installed a small antenna on my roof.  Now I have great internet, I can even watch streaming tv channels and my cost is 35 Euros per month.  If you are located in a more remote area, and having trouble, drop me a line, I will put you in touch with the same company I am using.


Hi I'm interested in the satellite internet

DO NOT go with Wimax Montenegro. They are the worst company that provides the worst internet service in the country.
YOu can either chose Tcom which have optic cables connection or Orion which are new but provide fast internet at very very competitive prices.

Monte-Tina,  I think Wi-Max is the company that Janet is using (Karelia) and that she is very happy about.
It seems from what I understood that if you are connected within reach of their antennas, you get a very good service, and if you're too far, you don't...
Someone in my building tried them, and it was terrible, but when looking at the map of their antennas we figured out that we are exactly in between 2 antennas hence the bad signal.

Their customer service in Podgorica is awful.
They will never come to fix a problem unlesa you agree to pay for the technician!

Can anyone suggest any good broadband services, I live in budva, podmaine and I need fast wifi

Hi Martin,

Are you in business yet and if so can you advise on and install an internet and smart TV receiving English channels in my Prcanj appartment.


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Hi Martin,

Are you in business yet and if so can you advise on and install an internet and smart TV receiving English channels in my Prcanj appartment.


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