Market research for people from USA, Canada, Germany, China or India

MARKET RESEARCH (£80 for each person):

We are running a new market research project sessions to test a product that is already licenced and sold in UK for American, Canadian, German, Chinese and Indian men and women living in London.

You are required to come to 2 sessions on 2 separate dates at a time convenient for you.

Each session will take a maximum of 1 hour in central London. The reason we want these nationalities is because the product is planned to be sold there once the research is concluded.

You will be given £80 cash as a thank you on completion of the second session.

We need 90 people for each nationality. AGE 21-70

Dates running are: June: 17-19th, 24-25th, 27-30th and July 1st (Time: 3pm-9pm)
There is also plans to have dates June 20-23rd – Location to be confirmed

You can pick anytime that suits you.

The product has already been tested and sold over the counter in the UK. It's a licensed nasal spray product in the U.K. It is a product test NOT a clinical trial. The reason it is being researched here is because it is already sold here, or we wouldn’t be allowed to. We need people who have used a nasal spray before (examples: for a previous cold or hay fever).

The reason they are doing research with Americans, Canadians, Chinese, Indian and Germans is because the plan is to sell the product in these countries.

The company running the market research is Product Perception Insights.

If you are interested send me a private message with your age and mobile number and 2 date/times you are available for. You can also send me a message on Facebook - Jeremy Landberg

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