Demand for child care centers in Addis?

Hello everyone,

I am Firew Ippel. I live in the suburb of Chicago. I will be finishing my undergraduate degree in the coming December. I am new to this forum site.

I would appreciate your inputs and comments about the Child care centers in Addis Ababa.

I have a property in the Weyra location, which is sort of a suburb of Addis. Do you think there is a high demand for child day care in Addis?

Thank you in advance



hi Ferew ,I am looking for same info too

Hello Thishi,

Are you looking for a day care for your child or hoping to open up one? Which part of the town do you live in? Maybe I can suggest some ideas.


hi freyu

I live around kotebe kidanemeheret  area or any ware on the way to kasancis( where I work) is convenient for me

thanks a lot

Hi everyone! i have one child with age 1 year & 6 month old. And i am searching a good day care center in addis ababa. Can any one help me where i can find a good day care center in addis ababa please?

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