Moving to Gent with a dog from the US

Hi just starting this thread because in August I will be relocating to Gent from the US working ad UGent and I will be bringing my dog. She is larger and flying on the plane in a big crate will already be an adventure, but I'm also trying to find an apartment that allows dogs so I can set that up before landing!
Does anyone have expertise with renting with a dog and what areas or buildings allow? I find that most say not allowed some maybe say it's ok but it's rare and I'm starting to get nervous!
My dog is getting old (10) very quiet, shy and well behaved so I know it won't be a problem! Hopefully you can share your experiences and offer some advice!
Thank you!

The majority of the time, the possession of a domestic animal is refused in case of renting an apartment. Following the sonorous nuances and the depradations that the animal is likely to generate. However, depending on the behavior of the animal and a certain benevolence on the part of the real estate agent and the lessor, this can succeed.

But in your place, I would come first of all alone. The time to settle down properly in my new home as well as in my work. Then I would bring my dog a month later.

Thank you for the reply! I don't see how I can come alone and rent a place then just bring my dog to it, that they would allow that? She is so sweet and shy and literally sleeps all day has never had a problem anywhere and I don't know how to convince them of that. I have no where to leave her here for a month. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
Thank you

I have been confronted with such problems many times. And there are never any good solutions. But you must also take into account the well-being of your dog. You will start a new life in Belgium with all the constraints that this will impose. Do you really and coldly think that you will have time to devote to it?

Do not just look at your side of the story. Do you know where you will be staying? Not necessarily. In what conditions? ... That's why the least bad thing is to come alone.

If possible, start reaching out to listings you like on

Its funny when I read this because my wife and I are actually doing the same thing this winter. My parents just recently moved to Antwerp and they have been able to find an apartment that allowed their (45 kg) dog, but it was in an area further away from the city.

If possible, I would see if you are able to crash with anyone and then go searching. Definitely have some ideas in mind, but most of these realtors in Belgium wants a face-to-face or won't even let you rent without a resident card.

Best of luck to you

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