School transport pick-up times

Do you have any experience with the school transport? I 'm trying to get an idea at approximately what time I could expect my children to be picked up in the morning depending on where we live.

This is the situation:
We are an expat family with one baby and a second one planned. We want to settle down permanently and buy a house. We have interesting options in the central area and the south. Now we're trying to weigh the pros and cons of houses and locations and one point that worries us is how much time our children would lose every day in school transport if we live too far away.
Our children will likely attend Chiswick in Kaparra.
I have already talked with the coop transport service, trying to find out expected pick-up times, but the information I was able to get was very unsatisfactory. The short version is that for most places they couldn't tell me anything, because they currently don't have children from there, and all other places were "7 to 7:30" (assuming school starts at 8). I totally understand that it depends on if a child is picked up first or last and that this can't be predicted and might change from year to year, but I have trouble believing that no matter if you live in Naxxar or in Marsaskala, the time window for when the children get picked up is the same. Especially that Marsa/Qormi traffic mess at rush hour I imagine to be quite time consuming.

So, please, if you have/had children using the transport to go to a school in the central area from anywhere in central or south or if you know of friend's children, share your experience of how much time is spent on transport every day. Would be much appreciated!
I'm especially interested in Chicwick and in Naxxar, Zebugg and Zejtun, but any pieces of information will be helpful.

Hi I'm in marsascala. My daughter goes to the local primary. At present she is picked up at 7:45am for school that starts 8:30. In September she starts high school and will be picked up at 7am for school that starts at 8:30!! The high school is no more than 10 minutes away. I ynderstand the early pick up times are to avoid the traffic later in the morning.

Hope this helps a little

If the school is so close why not walk?

Any more experiences or inputs would be most welcome.

my primary schooler gets picked up at 8:05 for 8:30 school start.  my middle schooler's bus apparently comes at 7:15 for 8:30 start.  that's much too early so he takes the public bus at 7:45 or so (as late as 8:05 depending on the bus tardiness).  we have thought about moving closer to the secondary school but my primary schooler likes her school (sliema primary) and my middle schooler likes our neighborhood with the plethora of shops/restaurants so we stay.

Thanks for your reply! I assume you live in or near Sliema then? And where is the Middle school? Crazy that the public bus is so much faster (or at least later)...

yes, we live in sliema.  my older kid goes to pembroke secondary.  there are plenty of other children who also ride the public bus to school.  the commute would be even shorter (very short ride and frequent buses) but most of the buses stop where you would have to cross a fairly busy highway in order to reach the school.  so he has to take the one bus that comes every 20 minutes.  that one drops him off right in front of the school. 

i have read that the bus schedules is an issue up for debate at school budget meetings.  not sure it will ever be resolved. 

it would easily be solved by staggering the school start times but i think the teachers have been against it.

there are children in my neighborhood who attend verdala, san andrea and chiswick.  i know that some of them (for san andrea for sure) get picked up around 7AM.

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