Best place to live in Freiburg with little busy children

My family and I will be relocating to Freiburg from Cape Town, South Africa.
We are coming to visit Freiburg next month for the first time to see where will be best to live.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice please on which villages to consider to move to close by or within Freiburg and a name of a good realtor we can contact.

We would preferably be looking for a good primary school.  We are happy to send the boys to a German school as I think they'll pick up German very quickly. (the boys are 1 and 3 yrs old)

Also on my wish list would be a place where you can have a backyard for the kids to play in, close to other amenities like parks, grocery shops and nature close by to go for walks or bike rides.

Crossing fingers!

Freiburg is a small city so one does not have to go far to find nice nature, its everywhere there. There are no ghettos as such so any public primary school should be good. This is a huge subject in places like the States but not in Germany other than the seediest neighborhoods of the biggest cities. Even then, the financing for the schools is fairly distributed.

Your likelihood of finding a place to live with its own garden or say a shared garden for the apartment building is more likely outside of the city center. Freiburg is known as a very liberal, environmentally protective city. There are whole neighborhoods where they have eliminated streets for cars so the children have plenty of safe places to play. But of course the areas built in say the last 30 or 40 years are more likely designed with green spaces than the older, historical center.

Freiburg is not cheap however. Most people live in apartment buildings of some kind. Having your own stand-alone house with big garden is very rare and extremely expensive. Most people cannot hope for more than a row house and then even these might be a duplex. The main factor for many people choosing a neighborhood is usually proximity to work and/or to a bus or train line for transportation. This can actually eliminate the need for a car as the public transportation systems are good.

And your children at this age will be in nursery school, known here as Kindergarden, rather than school. One would expect them to be fluent in German by the time they actually start school.

Hi there Tom,

Thanks so much for your response.
We are glad to have the opportunity to visit these towns first to get a real feel for German lifestyle as we are discovering the housing lifestyle is very different to our homeland.

We will also be visiting Stuttgart.

I'll post back once we have traveled through with our little ones and report back on our discoveries!

I am wondering if you moved to Freiburg with your children?  We are hoping to move for my husband’s work and our girls will be three and nearly five.  I have the same questions you did!
Thank you!

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