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I'm currently a candidate for this company. The company management Focuses in the word " Hard Worker" not " SMART WORKER". It seems also their work requires a lot of traveling without a clear roadmap for the itinerary due to their dynamic opportunities they try to follow. However, I think they are learning from their previous experience and try to make sure that you can manage your family while you are traveling.

I have noticed that the vision is not clear or they have a right to keep things confidential through the interview. There is also some ideas by the management that focus on the one man show growth. Which could be normal to expand new business unit. There could be a high confidentiality for the work and seems there is high liquidity supporting the company in the backend despite the P&L statement status. The company now facing challenges but I think they are catching new streamline of income that is aligned with the market changes. Which I consider a strength in the strategy transformation.

I think their way of managing employees is affected by the Saudi Culture when dealing with employees and foreigners. Which I could guess is a common case in Saudi Arabia. They have an orientation toward globalization and that do a pressure on the local requirements of the employees.

There is no company based in Saudi Arabia that can grow without the support and sponsorship of local Saudi partner. The company is a holding company as per their claim. However, I know that holding companies based in Saudi Arabia should include full Saudi partners unless their a big investemet from forigners. As it is a holding company then it may manage investment for other clients.
I think the organization now try to find new sources of income due to shift in market strategy and they are trying to learn from their previous experience. However, I think they should be more clear why there are concerns when things come to family issues. It seems that there is more than one case that employees left the company due to extensive traveling.

When I set with the management I felt comfortable However, their type of work seems challanging , sensitive , and requires continous traveling. They work with strict time deadlines, different locations and without effective managing of manpower capacity.

In the end I think this could be acceptable if they afford a high compensation.

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