Looking for a job in Morocco, Please help!


I hope everyone here is doing good. Dear members of I need y our help to get a job in Morocco. I have visited Morocco once and ever since wanted to start working there though I work for Morocco World News from India but they do not have any vacancy in morocco. I'm a journalism and have my masters degree in communication and journalism, I can speak English proficiently and have been a sales and marketing trainer. My major concern is that all jobs I applied required french or Arabic so please only suggest or recommend me to jobs for English speakers.

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Till members provide you some information, please drop an advert in the Jobs in Morocco section of the website, it might land you an opportunity.

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Morocco is an exotic place so people who visit once wants to live here forever. This is altogether different when one wants to do job and stay here permanently. Every thing and positives and negatives and Morocco also has its own problems. To be a successful professional in Morocco, you MUST be proficient in French and arabic. There are highly skilled, multiple language proficient  Moroccans already waiting to get into a job, so imagine your chances.
still, if you want to do work, look for business opportunities like export/import, BPO center, restaurant etc. It is very hard for outsiders to get good job in Morocco.

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