Looking for food or convenience store franchise

Just moved in Malaysia from united states,Looking for food or convenience store franchise,any suggestion ? Thanks

There is a restriction on foreigners owning supermarkets and minimarkets … permitted/

This website provides  some straightforward information about franchises and current costs - … -malaysia/

If you are thinking of the immigration status associated with having a franchise, it is mostly viewed as an investment and therefore unless active in the business and playing a key role for which a Malaysian cannot be found to perform, then the business may not be offered any passes

I am a mm2h visa holders , do you think I can buy retail store in kualalampur? Can I get any ID card if I apply for ?

MM2H is a residence visa only.

Rules about investing and conducting business are the standard ones (no waivers for MM2H holders).

Edit: I just read at the website indicated above that it is highly unlikely that trade licences will be approved for 100% foreign-owned franchises and MM2H holders may have difficulty opening a business bank account.

hi would you be interested in bakery and restaurant business. One of my friend in looking for reliable partner.

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