Expat club in Bogota

Is there any expat club were u can meet peoples from diferents country?, my husband is British and for him is more dificult to conect with people that not speak english.

hope somebody would like to share any information.

Hi dieselgirl,

maybe you could propose a meet up to the other members ?

It's possible and the idea is good
will put it in consideration



I also would be interested in a meeting up for expats here in Bogota. That would be a great idea.

Take care, Stephanie

thanks stefany
sure will get intouch

let u know soon

Kind regards

I m in if you decide to organise something

Thanks im working on this!

April will be the perfect time, which week would be better depending of the scheduling of all?

closer to the date will give a email address so we will be sure about it.

Kind regards

I am an American living in Bogota. There are 4 other Americans in my program living here and we would be interested in meeting with other expats.

well look like the expat meeting is On!!!

I would be really interested too - it has been hard to meet people here in Bogota, as my spanish is not good. Drop me a line

Expats and a few locals. There is an Active British in the group.

I know this discussion is old but I am still interested in meeting expats!  I'll probably be in Bogota for a couple weeks during the Holidays (which I know if totally crazy for meeting up with anyone).  I'll be back to Bogota in April/May to start school so any networking I can do in advance would be great.


Hi, my wife and I are interested in meeting expat for networking. We moved from DC to help out her family biz. so here we are.

Would love to chatt with people interested in marketing and the hospitality industry or just to share experience.


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