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hey! anyone know some travel and photography groups around here in saigon? :)

No, but if you find any I would be interested. I don't live in HCM, but DaLat. But I can travel anywhere. We had these when I lived in Japan. Was a lot of fun. Why don't you start a club?

There will lots of pics to take in Saigon - what a beautiful place  :)

Hope you find the group you're looking for and would be good to see some pics of Saigon  ;)

Good Luck  :top:

Hey Diazo,  saw that you live in Dalat.  I often go to Dalat (wife's familly has a house there).  Are you a fisherman?  Looking for places to go fishing that is natural and off the beaten path.

No, sorry I am not a fisherman. I think they have about fished everything out here. I never see anyone fishing in thrivers. We do have a lot of people fishing in the lakes and some of its tributaries. But the water is so contaminated with chemicals most sane people will not eat the fish, But I tell ya I saw a guy pull out a whale of a fish out of the lake the other day. That thing was 4 foot long if it was an inch...HUGE fish.

The op is after travel and photography groups... fishing?  :/   :D

jazzy851 :

The op is after travel and photography groups... fishing?  :/   :D

There was a thread hijacking.  :o

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