How to resign in one month when notice period is 3 months

Hi ,

I am in a big problem , i have joined a company without know it had 3 months notice period , i had accepted the contract and on arriving in Saudi Arabia a new cantract with details of 3 months notice period was given so i accepted it as i had already joined and had no choice .

Now i want to resign this job as i have worked her for 3 years, i did not get increments at all, bad working conditions and I am in remote site.

No company is accepting my 90 days notice and they all want only 30 days ... I am the only earning member and need to get monthly salary to support a family of 6 member including parents and siblings.

With great difficulty i found a new company that is giving me offer but need me to join in 30 days. I really want to take this offer, please help and advice how to break the notice period from the current employer?

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