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Kindly shed light to our problem concerning our car. We all experience problems financially, and whether we like it or not we are sometimes faced between settling some debts. We have one month delayed in payment of the car. My husband was supposed to pay it on Sunday and unfortunately to our surprise the car was taken in the weekend, friday early morning without our knowledge. We were not informed that it will be taken or at least give notice that by this week so and so, expect that you will not see your car because it will be taken by the bank.
What this people are doing is so illegal. sometimes a delay of 1 week should be given consideration, yes they did called us to remind but somehow a final warning should be made by them. Sunday, my husband went to the bank to inquire where to find the car so that we can get our personal items left inside and to get also the receipts of the car, because in the bank they dont accept the iqama alone and which is stupid because by this they can trace the details. The person in charge was rude and was not helpful. they dont want to give details on what to do. so we ended up looking around and took us so much time because each person we ask gives a different direction, fortunately we found our car and was able to take the items inside. 
For more than a month now we have not taken our car and we are in penalty. we expect to pay atleast 7 thousand riyals (rough estimate) that includes the SR1500 penalty. And those because of so much delay from them, we reached a settlement of 12 thousand plus riyals!!! just imagine the burden it gave us! also even if you are not able to pay you cannot ran away from the sistem here. you will still end up paying the bank. but their system is so bad for us expatriates and alike. Its like a mafia over them. they will delay you until you are burdened.
Can anyone help us and to talk to someone that could help us to just pay the exact penalty or the missed period of payment?
thank you in advanced and i know some here experienced an issue like this...

walikum asalaam

Go to the police and report it
The company may not withdraw the car if the debt is not paid
They did not let you know that they would pull a car
Just go and complain to who took your car

Assalamu alaikum... thank you for the reply. They really gave us hard time and it should be reported to the police. we managed to pay but the problem again is that these people just ignore and are not helpful. We want to know the next step. and we dont know if this will be cleared. If they took it permanently they should clear my husband from these. otherwise he might end up with fines and the one who bought it through them might commit wrongdoings, its really scary because until its not clear on both sides. and we want to be away from trouble and future payments.

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