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Hi! We plan to stay in Vietnam for 6 months from January 2018. We are from Quebec, Canada (french canadian but bilingual). Our biggest point is to find a school for our 2 sons (15 and13). We think about the center and south more than north. I think I don't wan't to put all our money in the school. In fact, we are looking for a good life experience, in a small school, with sympathic students and teachers... Preferably with some french in. PLEAZE! If you were in my place what could you recommand to us and why?

Thank you for your time and advices!

Home school!

Yes, we think about that also, but our plan was to send boys at school for the experience... And I'm afraid to fail it with so much to do and see...

I thought the same thing. It is far easier then sending them to school. I just can't imagine what positive experience they can get from attending and international school long term, let alone short term. These schools are quite expensive on a relative basis. The faculty turn over is huge, and the education very lacking. They are here because they have a captive audience. A foreign student can not attend public schools here. So the companies that must hire foreigners must find a way to make it appear that the children of their employees are getting an education. The companies pay the the fees and the schools can charge a lot. But give it a go. It is only 6 months out of their lives. My children could do all there work in 3 hours by the way. You will be able to better nail down something if you knew what town you were going to live in though.

But you might try this link. It is French/English

Lycée Français International Marguerite Duras

There was another thread on this very subject on here just last week or the week before. Have a look at it.

That's all good points... You gave me a better look on the situation. I didn't realize that they can't access to public school. We can also choose an other country! But we are very enthousiast about Vietnam... I saw a lot of schools but the prices...!!! Of course, going to school is not an absolute must do... More to think about... Thank you for your advices, I appeciate a lot!!!

Ok! I'll return!

No, you must be a Vietnamese citizen to attend public school here.

Are you wanting to see SouthEast Asia in particular?

Hate to beat a dead horse to death. But if your primary reason is to travel and see a country or countries, home schooling is great, The curriculum goes with you and the kids can always find time to get a few hours each day. I know many who have traveled the world for years doing just that. Ah the things to ponder. Good luck and I hope you can sort it out.

And even if you could send your children to public school you would not want to for long I doubt. Here they do not teach them during class. But the teacher will offer evening tutoring so your child will learn the subject. It is just the way things are done here. The teacher get paid little. So they are babysitters during the day for their salary and tutors at night to be able to make a living.

At the beginning, we considered every country. But from one thing to another, Asia, and Vietnam became a good option for us, except for school price! We didn't want to be nomad during this 6 months term. Our view was to stay somewhere and take the beat. Of course, make visits during w-e and hollyday... but not travel from place to place. Do you think the school situation for expats is the same around Vietnam? Yes, at this moment, my horse feel bad!!! But don't worry, if it's not Vietnam, we will find our place, or, as you suggest, make homeschooling. Ouf, It's unusual for me to practice my english here, in Quebec ;)

My best option for the moment is EFI center, in Nha Trang. It don't give us a lot of choice to stay!

Ah Nha Trang. That was my first landing spot in VN. I was actually on my way to base myself in Thailand to travel SE Asia for 5 years. Fell in love with VN, and here I am. But NT is much different now than it was then. Now is has been overtaken by the Russians. But I found the city here I love and it is hard to get me away from it. Have you looked at Danang. Very exciting city. If I did not love it on the mountain that is where I would go. Had an interesting city leader who envisioned modeling it somewhat after Singapore. So things are done a bit differently there. Good luck in your travels. If you make it to the mountain look me up and I will show you around.

That's what I had read about Nha Trang but I was trying to say to myself that may be tourists were concentrate in a zone... There is many bad comments about this touristic situation...

Thailand is an other option. I think because there is many expats from France in those countries it seems easier for other french canadian like me to choose them.  As Vietnam, the cost of living is insteresting but I suppose it will bebthe same situation for school...

So, my horse need a vet asap and must receive oxygen! I think it will be Spain, finally! Or Texas ;)

Did you visit Quebec before?


No, I have never visited Canada at all. But Texas yes. If you do decide on NT you can PM me and I can tell you a lady that has a nice serviced apartment. The tourist area is quite concentrated to the beach area. I must say the tourist industry has really grown in the last 4 years when the Russian's and Chinese began to come. The Russian's bought up the town. They are quite pugnacious and not friendly at all. When I first arrived there there was hardly any signage in Russian, now everything is in Russian. We do have some French folks up here. In fact my neighbor is French. I can not speak to Thailand though. That was my original destination as well. No matter where you decide you will love the opportunity. This is my 69th country, and it has been a great life.

:) So, may be canada will be your 70er one day!
Since your answers, probably you're right and we will do home schooling for our sons... In fact I'm a school teacher! But you know, sometimes, with our own kids... !

Two weeks before the end of the summer, I will do a test with my sons. Of course, I will present to them that if they can work seriously, they will have more time to do interesting things in Viet nam! The problem can be with the oldest... Sometimes hard to engage in homeworks!

If it seems to work, then I think we will make more moves during our 6 months...

I will give you news. Thank you again! I really appreciate your help!

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i am french speaking from Montreal and will be checking Nha Trang this June,also for early permanent move there

I would be happy to check things there for you, alomg with my local friend who speak vietnamese

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