Amstelveen or Almere?


We will be moving to Amsterdam from the US in a few months and are deciding between the cities of Almere and Amstelveen to rent a house. We do not know the area and were hoping for some advice about where to live. We have two kids, ages 9 and 7 and will be enrolling them in a Dutch public school. We are looking for a community with good schools, a library (with an English section), A home/townhouse/duplex for rent (3 beds) for 2300 Euros or less. We prefer not to rent an apartment.In terms of city life-- shopping (grocery, etc) and access to easy public transportation are a must. We would like a community in which we can make friends quickly and get our kids involved in activities. Safety is key too. Which, in your opinion, is a better bet-- Almere or Amstelveen? Thank you in advance.

I haven't lived in either place.  The only significant difference I can see is the cost, where Almere is significantly cheaper; on average 50% cheaper for the sort of house you described.

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What is the reason for the move, is it for work purposes?

You might be best having a short term rent somewhere, then while you are actually in the city and country settle in and look for more of a permanent dwelling to reside in?

Amstelveen > Almere

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