Egyptian moving to Egypt for the first time ever..very nervous

Hello everyone :D

I'm 22 with an Egyptian citizenship visiting Egypt for the first time and I'm very nervous about it

My mom is Syrian and my dad is Egyptian so therefor I ended up with the Egyptian citizenship, mom and dad got divorced when I was 4 years old and I never heard from my dad or his family ever since.

Now I'm coming to Egypt on the 22nd of May (two days from now as the time of writing this post) and I have nobody in Egypt and I don't know a thing about Egypt!

I'm mainly coming here to fix some legal papers and then planning on traveling to Europe soon after to continue my education.

Any advice for a first timer in Egypt? anything I should be aware of?

I don't even know where to live, I'm 22 and I don't have a job and my resources are limited, I was planning on renting in a cheap hotel for the first few days meanwhile I find a suitable apartment to move into.

Any advice about housing? would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks in advance.

Pm me

Live in Cairo - most national/international legal work is done there.

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