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When I am searching for a flat in Bahrain, agent showed me one flat which is good and I paid advance and staying there. Recently, I decided to bring my family to Bahrain and visa processed. My HR asked to me submit rent agreement and letter from municipality for changing CPR address to enable to get CPR for my family as well by the time they are here. When I go back to my flat manager, he said letter cannot be issued on the flat which I am staying becoz that flat does not comes under Municipality. The truth I came to know is that the flat  is actually meant for Health center and they converted to Flat and gave to me on rent. What should I do now?


It is unfortunate that you did not know or inquire about the CPR matter before signing the agreement. Many new comers are not aware of this. Your HR should have informed you about it.

You can request the management to give you an address of another flat if they have in any other property. Or ask your HR department to contact the management of the building. Otherwise there is no option. You have to find another flat.

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Rajesh Kumar

Unfortunately as Rajesh mentioned that would be the only work around.


Similar was my case but property management cos provide temporary municipality paper to u to apply for cpr..this is generally their property only..I got cpr in same what happens is u stay in 1 flat but cpr will have different address

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