making a life im germany

my name is bobby I am hard of hearing, and I am thinking of making a life in Germany in any town no matter where, where some americans live at this is because I know german I grew up in Germany when I was 6 years old my father was a sgt in the army for US, he was married to a german lady who has family in Germany and know the language and also know the customs. as well as the food and a lot on Oktoberfest, where many American deaf who could go to Germany and not know what to do or anything without sign language where I can help the deaf with a group who may want to attend Oktoberfest and want to go where I can sign for them and interpret as well as take the group to the celebrations, and do even tours for the deaf to Bavarian alps like in garmisch, Oberammergau, and Salzburg Austria salt mine, and other popular places in Bavaria where the deaf would love this and be able to have an English person that knows American sign language, I think this would help them so much to be able to have a wonderful time, how do I do this or if there is someone I can contact on this. and as well as accommodations for living over there, if anyone has a good idea drop me a message as I will respond just as soon as I can many thanks and auf Wiedersehen take care

In future please use proper interpuntuation, because as it is your text is VERY difficult to read!
It is not clear from your post whether you are citizen of USA (your profile), UK ("English person") or Germany (by being born to a German mother). In the latter two cases you can just settle in Germany with no special formalities (at least until Brexit). In he former you need a residence visa, which you can get through employment, joining direct line relatives and a few other methods.
You can then register a business as tourist guide and start doing what you propose. (Please note that there might be a certification required - ask the relevant trade association for tourist guides!)
Depending on where you decide to live, accommodation might or might not be a problem (with Munich being the most difficult and expensive).
In any case, bring enough cash to tide you through the first year or two, as it certainly takes that long to become established and have a positive business income.

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