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my name is bobby I am hard of hearing and a past trip experience to naples Italy at the time I visited the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum buried by Vesuvius in AD 79 I was thinking of starting a deaf group to visit Pompeii and other sites with sign language as many do not have English speaking sign language for the deaf, thus making it hard for the deaf to get the story of what happened at the excavated sites, and the insights to the roman life in the towns, since I have done a lot of reading and watched films on Pompeii it helped me a lot with the history, that I have become familiar with. also for the deaf group they would have a chance to learn more about the lives of the citizens of Pompeii at that time before the volcano exploded and buried the towns, this would be something I could do for them and make it known about, I think that would make it so much easier for them than without, while I could see about accommodations in naples where to live or something, if anyone has an idea or an idea person to talk with about it, just drop me a message and I will respond as soon as I can

That seems like an excellent idea, however I do not have a contact name. I visited Pompeii last year, there are many guides speaking many languages but I never saw any signing. I know this year they are making it easier for the physically disabled to access, as currently is was impossible.
My advice is to research organisations in Naples that work on behalf of deaf people. I'm guessing you don't or your intended guests don't speak Italian, so you and your guests will need someone who understands to translate for you. I'm not sure what provision italy has. This might just be the right time to introduce this.

Ok I will look into this and see if there is an organization in Naples I am sure there has to be one,because many deaf persons live all over the world in every city nearly and I will certainly check it out and try make contact with them

i see you went to Pompeii last year, and yes there is tour guides there true, I saw that when I was there two times, and also didn't see any deaf I thought to myself gee I know that the deaf would love to have someone who signs in English that come from English speaking countries, US, UK, Australia, Canada so I am working on this, I think I may have found maybe two or so places in naples for deaf persons, I am gonna make contact with them see if anyone has someone that knows some English, you were helpful many thanks I will let you know what happens

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