Started using UBER about 3 months ago. They were a lot cheaper than the taxis.

However in the past month the price of UBER seems to have increased. No matter what time of the day you book, the message "Due to high demand, the price will be increased" seems to appear. Initially it was applied only during the rush hour periods but now it seems to apply all day. The original price difference between UBER and Taxi seems to have disappeared

In addition, the cars coming for the pickup for UBER are almost always a Kia Morning. Small car and you can feel every bump in the road. No space for luggage. Some areas in HCMC  seem to saturated by UBER Kia Morning cars.

Appreciate any comments and experiences with UBER versus Taxi

I have been using Grab since Uber began going South and have loved it. Doubt I will ever use a taxi again. Hope it remain as good as it is now. No problem with the cars with Grab. But this business takes advantage of the unknowing drivers. It is a no win situation for them and the turnover is out of this world.

Thanks for the information

I'll start using Grab as UBER appear to be up to something

Yeah Uber is in a lot of trouble at the corporate level. They are bleeding money since there CEO had the recorded denigration of one of their drivers....and many more things. But I always had very nice vehicles with Grab, the best I have ever had with any taxies in HCM.

Another for Grab, generally good. Had one Grab driver who couldn't drive his very small car up a 4mt wide hem in reverse, ended up getting a Uber driver that was very nice.

I always check grab against uber. sometimes one is cheaper than the other. but both are cheaper than the vinasuns. unfortunately the newer drivers are pretty unfamiliar with the roads.

I would question the wisdom of using any of the app based services.

They all require you give them access to every file on your phone before they will allow you to use the service, that set of permissions including you giving them the right to turn on your camera any time they want and download all your files, contacts and everything else.

I wouldn't use their apps unless I was absolutely desperate and I'd uninstall the moment the journey was over.

Most taxis I've been in they scam you with driving the long way, pretend they lost directions and meter tampering and you can't do a thing about it.

With Uber everything is GPS recorded and a serious complaint would get the driver fired.

I use Uber moto in HCM city. I see Uber cars on my app in Bien Hoa but they can't pick up from there. First 3 rides $30,000 off each. Took one from International Maternity Hospital in HCM city to Bien Hoa. The driver was surprised it only came out to $90k dong.

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