100 Expat Tips For Being Happy in Holland

Just for fun I set myself the challenge of writing 100 fun and silly tips for being happy in Holland. Here is the result: 100 Expat Tips For Being Happy in Holland

What are your tips for being happy in Holland?

And this is your 100th post Stu :)

# 73: belegen kaas (typo I guess )

Visit some really nice and beautiful musea
Visit the Zeeuwse kust and eat mussels
See some Kerstmarkten in season
Bake special Sinterklaas treats
Enjoy the long summer nights with friends
Taste the many seafood
Go sailing
Skate the Elfstedentocht ( or cycle in the summer)
Visit the many music festivals in summer
Spend a full day at the Efteling or any other
Invite your new neighbours to get to know about each other
Learn some of the history and culture
See the windmills at the Kinderdijk
Put some traditional clothes on and take a picture

Haha. It's almost like I planned it that way... I really didn't but it is a very funny coincidence.

Owww. Thanks. Do you mind if I add those to a future list?

Be my guest.

I have more:

Organise a street bbq
See a play from Shakespeare in Drenthe
Visit kasteel Haarzuilens, especially in the fall
Try haring with onions, the Dutch way
Visit some really authentic small places like Giethoorn, Veere , Hindeloope.
Belgium is very close with beautiful cities like Gent, Brugge, Knokke at the beach and Antwerpen  (nice for a weekend )
Volunteer at the local community
Set up a rotational book or cook club
Learn how to swim

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