Hospital recommendations to having a baby in Siem Reap


I am about to pop and my partner and I still have not made a decision on where to have the baby.
The only thing we have decided on is having the baby in Siem Reap as his work schedule does not spare him much time for travel.
I have visited the Royal Angkor International Hospital but the staff seemed lost trying to provide information about delivering a baby/delivery packages. The doctor that was rostered also did not instill much confidence in me that he knew what he was talking about.
The other option that was given to me was the Siem Reap provincial hospital and the senior staff were helpful and friendly - they seemed to know what the proceedings and protocols will be. However, communication seemed to be the issue as I do not speak Khmer and they speak a smattering of English.
This is our first child and at my partner's insistence, I have decided to give birth in Cambodia but I'm at a lost as to which of the two hospitals to pick from.
Can someone please give me an idea at least?

Hi yann, im sorry i have no clue as of where would be a good place to deliver in Siem Riep, how ever if you do decide to swing by PP Sakary Clinic in Sensok District are professional at it. They specialize in giving birth and are known for it. Hope it helped you atleast a little if you need more info about this place feel free to message me.

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