Buying Vitamins & Postal service Question

Hello there everyone.

I am moving to Phnom Penh in July of this year.

Currently I am taking these vitamins:

-Vitamin B
-Saffron Capsules
-Curcumin Capsules
-Chaste Tree

I was wondering if anyone knows if these are available, I'm quite sure I will be able to get Vit B and Magnesium as they are quite common, but unsure of the others? Also what is the postal system like in Phnom Penh if I was to order things online?

Any help is appreciated.


Hey Avril,

Ill give youvan awnser tomorow on the pills that you need. If they are acquirable here, theres a very big pharmaceutical market here and i know someone who is quite fond to it, ill call her later tonight. As for mailing ive never used the system before, but from my understanding they will post it to a certain registered location and you can just pick it up there since the mailing system here is abit complicated. How long are you planning to stay, is it your first time in Cambodia ?

Talk to you soon

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