ER Visit for Children Info

May have been mentioned before but just wanted to have a list of pointers for those who might find themselves visiting an ER with or without littles.

Insurance card, ID, and vaccination record.

Wether going in for stitches or something that may take a little bit more time to figure out it is best to bring the following; pillow with pillow case, a bed sheet to lay on (they have disposable covers on the bed but best to bring a sheet), a blanket to cover up with, water, snacks, phone charger, something to keep the littles entertained, the shop in the hospital may or may not be open depending on the time going in and lots of patience. Hospital may be understaffed and specialists may only be in at a certain time, not on call like in some other hospitals. You may end up waiting all night to see the specialist or Dr. you need to see, to see if you will be admitted or given the ok to go home.

I'd say probably bring the same items for adults needing to be seen.  Better to be over prepared.

The hospital Ashford Presbyterian in Condado has a separate ER for children. It's very well set up.

Thank you! I did not know that! We visited the UPR in Carolina.

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