Expat looking for some working-out friends, KLCC area


I am an expat living in KL for almost one year now. I need to vary my activities and the environment, and would love to meet-up with some friends who would like to join me for some sports activities; hiking, tennis, squash, swimming, misc. Or if you have any other suggestion of activities, I am open for that as well.

Level: Medium - Advanced

Looking forward to hear from you.

If you have not yet joined Internations it could be a place to meet likeminded people. A guy called Thomas Kuruvilla is interested in hiking. There is a climbing wall in One Utama and various other events take place, including squash and badminton groups.

Hey, im looking for new friend to hang out with!

Hi Elise,

Thank you for your reply. It would be nice to meet-up one day for a coffee. You can reach me on whatsapp, please send me an PM.


We are Indian couples and have been here from past 7 months living around klcc area. You are welcome to join us.

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