Trying to find formal shoes size 47+

Hi all. I'm trying to find a place that sells formal shoes size 47+ and so far have tried up and down Le Thanh Ton street, vincom centre, and a few of the custom shoe shops that appear on google maps (but they were charging minimum $250 which is well above budget). It seems shoe shops sell up to either a size 44 or 46.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Try the Russian Market at 328 Van Kiet Street, Co Glang Ward, District 1

They do have larger sizes in many different items. No sure sure about shoes but worth a try

Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow.

Getting married? In case you just need them for an event, you can rent at wedding stores. I was surprised to find my size, US 11, good enough for a few hours. Many shops on Tran Hung Dau in D5 past Nguyen Tri Phuong.

Good luck! :) if you find then better take two just in case ;)

I once found pair in 47 1/2... then somehow managed to loose them.... still wondering who could have taken them 🙈

Personally I get mine when traveling back to Europe. Little more selection.

I am making custome made ones in Hoi An (any size). Here I usually try the Factory Outlet stores, you might be lucky to find also larger sizes there but you can call or send them a FB message to check in advance. One is in Nguyen Trai, the other in Phan Xich Long, Phu Nhuan dist.

Factory Outlet is where I actually ended up buying a pair. I had to settle for a size too small (I only have to wear them a few hours a day until this Thursday) but they are the only store to have even that size.

I will definitely be getting some made when I pass through hoi an.

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