Having fun

What do you Normally do for fun in Antananarivo?

Come and see 😊

Not sure what your definition of "fun" is. For me waking up in the morning is fun and the older i get the more fun I have.

Something more external might be going to the theater on independence ave where there are several art shows and old movies such as for example " The Owl and the Pussycat"

Oh, Alex, I hope you keep waking up for years to come so you'll be ecstatic when you're 80!

Fewaz, as TropicAlex mentioned, your definition of "fun" is key. There are plenty of bars in Tana, but you'll need some French, at least. Good music is plentiful. There is a zoo which, while not exquisite, is a decent enough "natural" place to wander around on the weekends. The market in Soarano can be a distraction (but watch your wallet!). There are a couple of places in Analakely where you can watch football on a large screen on the weekends. Or you may dare to go to the stadium in Mahamasina to see a match, or find a basketball game.

Thank you Alex

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