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Greetings and salutations one and all.
I'm a Radio DJ and have done some TV In South Africa, Ive been "at the microphone" since 1972 and I seek an agent or manager in Ireland that can help me find work as my British wife and I want to relocate to Ireland as soon as possible.

Sadly I cant get a passport even tho' my Great Grandmother was born in Cork, the immigration say the lineage stops at grandparents.

Aside of this I am also an Iradologist and a trained Polygraph Tester with my own equipment which is the very latest Avsapro Voice Recognition Software, see it at

Can SOMEBODY please help us

Hi, if you do find one pls let me know as well

Hi everyone,

@ garthjw, till members provide you their insights, perhaps you could contact the professionals recommended in the Recruitment Agencies in Ireland section of the business directory. They might be useful.

all the best,

Brilliant idea and I thank you mwah


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