I would like to know more sincere friends. But people care only "What's your job?" or "How old are you". Seriously, we do not ask a person especially girls' age in our culture. How about in your culture?


How are you, Ms. Pinpinyiyit

You are welcome to Istanbul, and any time you like to travel arround Istanbul I can join you and guide you to many places nice and safe and amazing views.

people care for their works and families, It is normal and the first priority,

friendship and friends it is so nice and it need little time to be build and be strong

because as I see there are a lot of friends and people we see everyday and they,
as much as the goal, business there It will be strong and more benefit.

any way, you are welcome to the city, and If you need any more information about the city or some companies here you can contact me..

Hey there! Which part of Istanbul are you currently living in? We could meet up and I could guide you about experiencing new places. Have a great day.

Hi Thanks for the explanation (^^)
Have a great new week!

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