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OK. I joined expat when I moved from the UK to Gozo (Malta) a year ago. Now I'm on the move again and am coming to Bali. I'm in Bali as I write this 18/5/17 and am going back to Gozo in June to sort out my stuff. Now I rent quite cheaply in Gozo(nice house with 2 beds and ALL mod cons including roof garden) just by getting to know the locals.
I'm looking for maybe a 3 bedroom house with some water feature (I like the sound of water). I'm keeping away from the noisy areas.
I write mainly as a hobby having spent the last 50 years working in the US and UK !!
So any suggestions are welcome, ie. should I ship my little Maltese car here. Should I send all my electrical stuff etc.
Hey I appreciate any pointers and some idea of cost for housing thanks John (aka The Crazy Brit) :thanks:

Forget the car. Indonesian import rules are designed to make it difficult and expensive to import what you can buy here.
Then you have to register it here ...... prepare for a lot of paperwork.
Same goes for white goods, you can do it but it's probably cheaper to buy new ones here.

The cost of house rentals depends entirely on your tastes and where the house is.
You can't legally buy anything with land, and that includes all the dodgy schemes that claim it's legal if you use their service to do something illegal.
Bali is, in general, one of the more costly areas in Indonesia, especially if you get close to the tourist areas.

Don't buy house. Friends of mine here close to Sanur regret it immensely. Rent (short term 1 to 5 maybe 10 years) or lease (>10 years.

Look at … 5435201385

Much choice, often directly from owner. Going through agent or balinese "friends" will cost you much money.

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