meeting in fujairah

i hope we can arrange a real meeting for expats in weekly meeting....share experience....get more knowledge....have new friends

I just joined this forum. I doesn't look like to much is happening here in Fujairah.

good morning....yes you are month for my post to get a reply

Thank you for replying.... it appears your post was the first since 2016..... have you found any places to meet other expats or are we on our own here?

the place is not a problem.....the problem is the are the only one who responded to my post

So far, I really like Fujairah, to bad about the people. If you ever want to meet for a coffee, let me know.

ramadan timing is very limited.....i hope to arrange for a meeting during eid,,,immediately after tim hortons cafe in century mall.....i will notify you one day before...thank you

yes in Ramzan holiday will be best

Good idea.... and I even know where Century Mall is!!!

how will organize and lead the meeting

eid mubarak to all expats in fujairah.....and all u.a.e

Hello sir, Have you guys arrange the meeting. If not lets do it then

not needs initiation.....this friday   i will be in century mall at 9 pm.....i hope all members be there

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