Working permit in Bulgaria for EU

I have plan to open company in Bulgaria to make to get better chances on EU Market. From time to time I receive requests from EU companies to offer our services as installers of Fiber optics but it is to complicated to receive working permit form Macedonia.
Can you tell me if my Macedonian workers have working permit in Bulgaria, can they work in every country in EU or only in Bulgaria.

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that registering a Bulgarian company won't give you the right to work as a physical person in EU. It gives your company rights and obligations according to the Commercial legislation in Bulgaria. You can be manager of this company, but the company is proving with this type of services. And only the company after VAT registration can provide such services in the EU. As far for any workers the legislation is strict and according the Labour code you can not hire foreign nationals in this  company. Any Bulgarian company may hire Bulgarians and only if there is no specialist in the whole country for the position you like to do that you can hire foreign nationals. But in order to do that you will have to obtain working permit for them from the Labour inspection.

Dear Ms.Stomonyakova,
I fully understand that company can provide this type of service in the EU and  not . There is no specialist of type of work what we are providing without work not i Bulgaria not in Europe. My question is if this foreigners no EU specialist are employed in this company can they work in whole EU without additional requirements for other permits in any other EU country.

No in each EU member there are different labour legal requirements. So as I told you earlier the company and only it can provide those services in the EU without any further permits, but after VAT registration in Bulgaria. The workers are going to apply in each country for working permit in order to work in its borders.

Thank you for information.

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