Riyadh Car Fahas or MVPI - my experience

Salam / Hi to all frndz,
Today i had the "pleasure" to go for fahas or MVPI ( motor vehicle periodic inspection ).
Want to share a few things/ tips i learned so that others can avoid /adopt them to complete process smoothly .
( Google maps Location - "MVPI centre, Ali Al Fazari, Al Munsiyah, Riyadh 13253")

1- Get your car thoroughly cleaned especially from below. No oil residue should be visible esp. at
    shocks and around engine bay area

2- All lights should be in working condition including brake lights, hi low beam, hazard lights etc

3- there are multiple lanes with multiple booths  after crossing main gate. Have look and select lane having less cars. normally ppl go to first from left while other lanes are completely empty. This way you can save some time ( also the booth guy gets something to work :)  )

4- After crossing booth there are 2 main compounds in front of you  . Try to go to the right where normally buses and trucks are seen. Cars are also checked there but ppl tend to go to the left one .  This will save a lot of time. Try to go to first 1 or 2nd one .

5-It takes few minutes once they start checking car . At the end if its passed , a sticker will be put on windscreen and paper will be blue stamped. Otherwise  paper will be Red stamped with "FAIL" and no sticker will be installed. In case its a fail, take the paper to the office you see parallel to exit gate.They will mark the reason .

6- In case of failure , reason  is marked on back. When you go out many mechanics will be waving there hands to come to them . Try to get an idea what exactly is the issue and if its a  small issue get it fixed from them as they know what car inspectors look for .Just keep in mind that these mechanics ask a lot so general rule is 50 to 60 percent of asking price. also some of them give guarantee that if you fail again they will return your money back so don't forget to get receipt of your payment.

7- For re-inspection same process but its more quick as they will only inspect point in which you failed.

8- Earlier you go the better so that in case of issue there is ample time to get it resolved and to have re inspection same day

9-Last but not least, thoroughly check / verify details mentioned on paper as sometimes mistakes tend to happen which can create issues at the time of transfer

Best of luck

Dear can u inform does this office open on Saturday or Friday?
Second, what are the timings?
Third, i have heard that Fahas can also be done at AL naseem area where there is a Car sale/purchase market (Khurais Road) in evening hours, is this true?


Maybe a few things to add to getting the istimara renewed

First thing maybe to find the "Sequence number" for your vehicle if you haven't logged into or registered on the MOI portal.

Login - MOI - Vehicle Services - find the car - more details - sequence number will be a 9 digit number. Check while your in there that you have valid insurance as you won't get a new istimara without it.

Now pay your 300 riyals using your bank, SADAD, someone elses, doesn't matter as long as the money gets there. Once this is done you'll then see that in the "Amount Deposited" field in the dashboard screen.

Do the MVPI, insurance etc.......... then pop back into the web site and hit renew license. There is an option to have the new istimara delivered by post, if you want to pick it up in person al naseem seems to be the only real choice (across from Khurais Mall, Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf Road). The kiosk that was in the Riyadh Gallery is now gone.

Take a ticket, take a seat, hand the guy the old istimara and he'll print you a new one.

Hope below link helps … ingRamadan

Guys, where I can collect a new istamara card? after fahas is done.

what is the range to carry out MVPI,
My car is  just 15 months old and Km in 45000

principally, it should be done on a yearly basis, but as noone cares, you are obliged to do it once in three years, as it's a prerequisite to renew istimara.

Thanks all members in this Topic

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