English speaking tradesmen in Berlin


I’m a UK citizen currently resident in Cyprus who’s thinking about investing in property in Berlin with a budget of up to €80k. My plan is to try and find an apartment with vacant possession, call in local tradesmen to paint and decorate the place to bring it up to an acceptable standard, and then let it out for a 10 year period.

My motivation for doing so is that most long-term forecasts for the city’s property prices continue to be overwhelmingly positive, what with the forecast population growth, seemingly good prospects for the region’s economy, and the (long overdue) completion of the Schoenefeld airport. At worst (the property being destroyed apart), I do not think that - in terms of capital gain/loss at least  I stand to lose a great deal financially.

2 questions:

1.    How easy is it to find local English-speaking tradesmen? Are there any websites or any other sources I could utilise to find them?

2.    Bearing in mind I’m resident outside of Germany and don’t speak the language, how realistic is my plan?

I’ve done a fair bit of research on the practicalities of buying and letting out a property in Germany, and consequently am aware of many of the potential pitfalls (not least due to the issues in 2 above). Despite this, I’d like to think that the long-term prospects for capital gain are worth all of the likely aggravation and inconvenience.

On the other hand, I wonder if I am deluding myself as to whether the upside is really so much greater than the downside. Is there much more scope for capital appreciation in the kind of property I’m looking to buy?

Alternatively – would I just be better off scrapping the plan and invest instead in property in the UK (my options there would be far more restricted owing to the fact that UK property is generally more expensive), or indeed invest my money in conventional vehicles such as stocks and funds?

Any info/advice/thoughts would be welcome. Please feel free to be as frank and brutal as you wish.

Many thanks in anticipation.

CarterUSM :

2.    Bearing in mind I’m resident outside of Germany and don’t speak the language, how realistic is my plan?

Based on thise points alone, I'd say its not very realistic unless you plan to hire a local management company to act on your behalf.

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