Moving to Kenya

Hi memebers

Mambo Habari

I am moving from Qatar to Kenya, East Africa is not a new to me since I traveled to Nairobi couple of times, stays in Tanzania for almost Four years and now in Qatar since 2  1 /2 years.  recently i have got an offer from my previous company to join in Nairobi,

I need your expert advice

1) any good area near Mombasa road,( my office is next to DTB)
2) good night clubs around the area
3) any photography , fitness , social  group
4) looking for 1 bhk room or share accommodation time being till i moved in spacious apartment.

Cheers : )


Hi niksamrthster,

Welcome on board.

While waiting for our members to come up with solutions to your questions, I'd invite you to consult the Housing in Nairobi section to find the latest offers available. You can also drop an ad, giving specific details about your requirements.

Sarvesh team

thank you Sarvesh

i will join in the specific forum it will be more precise though.


hi All,

any suggestion on South c area? is it good to move in?

likewise, supermarket, sports club, school and more? security ?

It is okay. I live around the area

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