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I am working as an assistant professor in architecture stream in Jaipur having 6 years (5 years are in teaching and 1 year industry). I have earned my masters from IIT Roorkee and bachelors from NIT Bhopal.
I had never thought about working abroad, but a job offer in January this year as lecturer in Salalah made me revisit my decision. The offer started from 1050 OMR including 25 OMR per month in lieu of air passage against which I negotiated hard and finally the consultants froze at 1200 OMR. I was willing to take it a little further to 1400 OMR and settle it but for them anything more than 1200 would create disparity among the lecturers. Unfortunately, due to official urgency, I was unable to negotiate any further or leave my current job and the offer was withdrawn from their end. Now, I am free from any issues and am considering to move to Oman.
1. Is 1200 OMR at par with the current lectureship packages in Oman, commensurate with my
    experience and education?
2. Is it true that once you have been offered job in a govt. university, no other university or
    recruiter/consultant will consider you?
3. Is it okay to contact the consultancy back and ask them to reconsider me at the previously
    negotiated package or wait for other consultancies to revert back as I have posted my resume &
    profile on quite a lot of them?

Also, I have received an offer from Saudi Arabia. Which country would you recommend to work and live in?

Saurabh S.

Hi arsaurabhs,

I will respond to your queries from the bottom up ...

Compared to Saudi Arabic, the Sultanate of Oman would be any day better for expatriates. Oman is a far more liberal and open country where expatriates are treated with due regard and respect. I can write volumes on the pros of living in Oman and more volumes on the cons of living in Saudi Arabia.

If someone has already made you an offer, it would be better for you to refresh that existing relationship, rather than wait for a new one to be initiated from scratch. The job market here is extremely challenging. So better to hold on to what is there rather than hope for something new to materialise.

In Oman, for all expatriates, there is something called an 'NOC' requirement. This means that unless the employed expatriate who leaves Oman upon cancelling the employment visa has the last employer's 'No Objection Certificate' then the expatriate who leaves the Sultanate cannot come back for a minimum period of 2-years from the date of his / her departure. And usually, employers do not provide their employees with the NOC for the fear that they might go and join their competitor.

Whether or not the figure quoted is commensurate with your qualifications and experience would depend a lot on the inclusions and exclusions on the figure which you have quoted.

Hi Sumitran,
Thank you for your response. I will surely heed to your advice and try to get back to my consultancy on the offer.

Saurabh S.

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