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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and have some questions which I hope you can help with (I would be most grateful!)

I have recently accepted a job offer with a very well-known Malaysian company - they are now applying for a work permit for me. Having said that, I have done some reading and research and am now stressing out a bit that it won't be as easy as I originally thought for the work permit to be approved. Originally when the company interviewed me, they probably did not know I was a foreigner (I was Malaysian but forced to give up my Malaysian citizenship when I took up my German citizenship) - I immediately disclosed that fact during my interview and they still offered me the role - probably just me worrying too much but I was wondering if anyone has ever had their work permit application rejected?

Secondly, my partner who is also German really wants to come with me (assuming my work permit is approved) but we are having problems trying to find options for her to stay long term. I have been offered a really good package so both our financial obligations will be taken care of by me. Ideally, she would like to find a job and go the work permit route but despite lots of applications on jobstreet, nothing positive has come up. MM2H is out of the question for us so the only thing we can think of is the Long Term Visit Social Pass but everything we have read so far pertains to married couples which isn't our situation. Can anyone help? I would rather not have her resort to visa runs if possible as that is a temporary solution. Are there any other viable options?

Hope someone can help us. Thank you for your time!

p.s. We are currently working and living in the UK

pp.s. I have joined and posted this in a couple of other forums as well fyi so apologies for any duplication

ppp.s. Gravitas, perhaps you can help? I've noticed you are very knowledgeable and helped a lot of people in the forum. Thank you!

Social Visit Pass (Long Term)

Page 14
Affidavit / Acknowledgement letter from the Employment Pass holder’s Embassy /
Consulate General on the relationship status (for common law spouse)

Thanks very much Gravitas - apologies, if you don't mind, I was hoping to send you a PM but can't seem to find the option anywhere :( If it's okay, would you mind sending me a PM so I can click on reply? Thank you :)

I think prefers discussions to take place on the forum so that everyone can benefit from sharing experience.

Basically you need to get the Affidavit / Acknowledgement letter from the German consulate in Malaysia. This is then submitted with the rest of the documents mentioned when applying for a pass so your partner can avoid visa runs. I think you will find the consular section will ask for some proof, such as a joint lease or bank account. I can't say accurately, because the consulate will have its own procedures.

There are only some countries that have common law status (obviously Muslim countries don't) and this is why immigration accepts on occasion that people do cohabit. It should be noted that this is not available to same sex partners - that would be a step too far in Malaysia,

Just one more observation - affidavits are legally binding - so do think carefully about what they contain and the consequences. For example, they can be as binding as a marriage contract and result in rights and obligations regarding assets and liabilities, should a relationship end.

Thanks Gravitas...not an option in our case unfortunately. I do know how affidavits work as I come from a legal background. Looks like we don't really have any choice apart from my partner getting a work permit on her own or resorting to visa runs. Thank you for your help.

Hi..can you kindly advise if there are ways to obtain Malaysian Work permit if the company doesnt provide you one..thanks

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