The cost of an "International " Education in HCMC

Have a look at some of the fees being charged by the so called International Schools in HCMC

One such school could cost you US$ 275,350 for 1 pupil from year 1 to year 12. Works out at about an average of US$ 22,945 per school year. Most school years are for 182 days so that comes to  US$ 126 per day. On a 6 hour teaching day that is US$ 21 per hour per pupil. That is a significant sum of money in anyone language

That excludes all the other charges such as transport,applications, school uniforms, meals, laptops,  and school trips. The annual school trips are just a holiday for the many accompanying teachers who get a free jolly paid for by the pupil's parents. If you have children at an International School in HCMC try to find out the teacher pupil ratio on the annual school trip. You should have access to that information as you are paying for the teacher transport,food, and accommodation.

The bottom line is that it's your money ( or your employers) and if you want to spend such a significant sum of money on a mediocre education then go ahead. However, please remember that's all you'll be getting.

I agree with you but are there any options for expat children to go to school?

Good question but there is not a simple answer.

It'll depend on whether you want to spend your money on a 3rd rate education or your time on a decent education for your children.

One school in HCMC allegedly spends USD 50,000 a month on rent for their school so that'll give you an idea of the profits involved.

The easiest thing to do is send your children to an international school in HCMC, watch your money get sucked out of your pocket, and hope for the best.

Other viable options will take up your time but you'll get a world standard education for your children and save a whole bunch of money.

No simple answers? Yet were only able to list two real options: homeschooling or international/boarding school.

Whichever option you choose - your children's success or failure in higher education (or life) will not occur in a vacuum, period.

Reading these posts I'm left with the impression that teaching your child is better or is that not so accurate?
Are the schools that inept??

I started off looking at the International schools and actually finished by planning to attend an SIS school. It also offered an option for a third language. I interviewed at 2 of them and was planning to send our child to first grade in the combined program, which is much cheaper, as they learn in Vietnamese in the morning and English in the afternoon.  I started down this path based upon a friend of a friend living in district 12.  He was doing the same thing and was also interested in a third language. that was a few months ago. The costs wer about $900 per month and the school day with Chines Languages is basically 8-5.

THEN I BEGAN READING THESE POSTS.... and began to reconsider

I began checking out the home school options at homeschoolreviews and other sites:

I have looked into the online academies, and most of their reviews are substandard, to be kind... both international connections and
Keystone might be better, with more flexible options, but I have not been able to check that out yet
Some of the curriculum seem to be easy to follow like My Father's World, and great supplementation materials are available like

I am trying to find others that simply want to share a tutor and expenses, otherwise I believe it will be more productive to simply hire someone locally to help, and I placed an ad to do such... not sure if that will work or not....

You may have an idea there and a business if done right.Clubbing together for a tutor sounds interesting and most likely more productive than what's on offer.Why are the schools so expensive given that the reviews cast a dark light on the system?

I am just not sure... apparently, they are significantly subsidized by many employers, and there exists no business incentive to improve results....

Most so-called international school are almost all local students.

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