Am I Seeking the Health Insurance Unicorn :o)?

Hi Everyone
I am a 34 year old who was rear ended at a traffic light by a semi.  I did sustained injuries to my back and neck. Pretty healthy before the accident, worked out daily, non smoker, vegetarian and use natural herbs for any ailments.

Does anyone know if it's possible to obtain health insurance for this pre-existing condition with a minimal or no wait time for policy activation? I am looking into International Expat insurance for myself and my family (they have no health issues).

In the states, the health insurance companies will place a lien on personal injury cases so that those that treat for the accident get their money first. IF I could find such a unicorn, I would see if I could get an attorney to draw up something similar. The point is, any company would their money back--guaranteed.

I need neck and back surgery, Surgical costs in the U.S. for my surgeries are astronomical. The owner of the truck is a multi-national corp.  In the effort to make a long story short, the company is dragging their feet this has been going on for years. They know they need to pay and have admitted such, but because I don't have insurance to get the surgery, they are doing their best to drag it out (my guess is so I will accept anything they offer)

Not getting better, I saw a physician in C.R. after being misdiagnosed by doctors in the states for--get this Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back sprain  I went to other doctors who said there was nothing wrong, deal with the pain and get on with my life. Still seeking answers, I found this hospital who specializes in back and neck injuries. They asked to see my film and even set up an appointment because I'd be coming from out of state--they gave me directions to their office and they whole 9 yards. However, dropped off radar when they asked how I was going to pay and I told them I was uninsured but was in the midst lawsuit. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem.  However, I am doing this sans attorney. Not out of hubris. But because apparently the other side, keeps scaring my attorneys away.  They go from "gung ho" and ready to bring them down--to backing out at the last minute,

The doctor has stated I will need therapy and with the type of surgery  I requires physical therapy and could take over a year for my fusion to take. We like Costa Rica, but while I was recovering, we thought we could use it as a home base of sorts while we explored other countries.--Thus the reason for looking at International or Expat Insurance because coverage wouldn't be limited to a geographical area.

It's kind of like a the movie "Field of Dreams"---If I have the surgery, They MUST PAY! Otherwise, this thing continues to drag on with them using every trick in their book to delay and drag this out as  I watch the prime years of my life slip away.

Thanks for reading this I realise it's pretty long.


Sorry to hear about all the crap you've had to go through.  If you read through previous posts you will find more details on qualifying for CR health insurance.  It would take at least a year to qualify but if you don't have a disability income or have significant funds, which it sounds like you don't, you would not qualify.

Totally sympathize with your situation.  I went through, still going through, a similar situation.  I was in a severe car accident in 2006 - 32 broken bones, many surgeries, internal injuries, torn tendons and ligaments and TBI.  The personal injury portion settled fairly quickly but I am still fighting Work comp.  But hopefully that, in theory, should be settling within the next month.  Yeah, almost 11 years later.

Hopefully you found a good attorney (oxymoron  :lol: ), to work on your case.  Good luck on your outcome.

- Expat Dave

From what I have read, getting private insurance with a pre-existing condition may will be very difficult.
While waiting to be covered by CAJA you and your family will not be covered.
Once you have received Temporary residency and have affiliated with CAJA, they would perform their own diagnostic tests, etc. and then you could be waiting for years for surgery,  since it won't be considered an emergency situation as you have detailed on your post.

Again, being under 55 you could expect to pay a high monthly premium if you apply as Rentista if you don't have a 'guaranteed for life' pension.

As an example last week, we had an specialist appointment after getting a referral from a doctor, and the next day it was rescheduled until late November... :sick

Expat Dave,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your accident given what happened to you, I'm sure you have an idea what I am facing. I hope that with each passing day, you can put this further behind you. I have read some of your posts, so I know that as far as exercising and keeping healthy is concerned--we  share the ideals of keeping healthy.

I had been lurking on the forum for awhile, but hadn't found anything that fit my situation. I really don't want to wait another year. 

The bizarre thing is with this, is that even at my age I am fully vested with Social Security for retirement. Therefore, I do have a disability income coming in which is a little over 1700 monthly and my child gets income as well.

That is what makes this whole thing crazy because based on my accident, Social Security declared me disabled. I have enough savings (which I had been using prior to qualifying for SS) but I DO NOT have the over 500K in liquidity that it is going to cost for my surgery (and that's a low estimate). And the additional amount for my therapy afterward. Plus the company will have to reimburse me for my salary I am losing which is 4 years and counting. 

Borrowing the money would be like paying a mortgage (with no hard asset to show for it). Given the over saturation of houses that are in foreclosure but being held off the market by banks --it wouldn't be worth purchasing a home in order to get collateral because the home wouldn't be worth it. Kind of like buying a new car, unless it's a model that retains its' value--it depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot.

As you can see, I have been doing my best to think of everything. The company knows it has to pay. Maybe they're waiting for me to croak or something.

No luck with an attorney. I am doing this myself in Federal Court and have kept them on the run. They don't even have expert witnesses to refute my experts. So basically, they don't have a case and they know it. But they refuse to settle and according to the law in the U.S., they have a right to go to court. They will lose and they know it. Especially since based on the Social Security Agency, I qualify for disability "BECAUSE" of the injuries sustained from my accident.  Go figure.....

I'm one of those "out-of-the-box" thinkers and was looking for a creative way to shut this down as it appears unless I get the surgery (which is substantially less in Costa Rica and even less expensive in Colombia) they will keep this going. Which is why I think that the attorneys who had signed on and saw it as an air tight case (especially after finding out I deposed my experts and the company HAD NO Experts) they took it on--only to bow out after going into talks with the Company. So I believe they are telling them they will drag it out and most attorneys don't have time for that. They want the easy tractor trailer cases.

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