Events in Chiang Mai are Great for Meeting Other Expats

I notice not many people post events here on but I just wanted to point out that there are many many events that happen weekly with plenty of expat attendees. I will try to post more events here for those that use this site often.

I just posted another wine pairing event this time it's wine and cheese but there will be a lot of other food as well and will be a great value. Free flowing wine for 3 hours is great if you're into wine and rest assured they will be serving quality vintages.

If you'd like to check out what to expect from one of these fantastic wine pairing events you can check out my video review of a recent one here:

Whisky Event next Saturday! Don't miss it Whisky lovers! … ience.html

Marvelous we have a large group of friends my husband and myself and are always looking for new events.

Play some pickle ball with all of us 3 mornings a week , a lot of fun

If you and your friends like single malt scotch and fine dining then don't miss this Saturday's event!

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