Beware - Inward Remittance

If you are sending money from an overseas account into an account in Vietnam be sure to keep a close eye on your transfer. Have been sending funds from Singapore to Vietnam for many years mainly to ANZ.

Sent funds from Singapore to ANZ Vietnam in early April. No problem.  Everything happened as expected.

Then the problem started. Sent additional funds on 27th April. Singapore to ANZ Vietnam. Same name, same account, same details, and everything same same. However the funds did not reach my account in Vietnam.

After a total of ten days from the date of sending and despite no money appearing in my account, eventually managed to get an explanation from ANZ. They told me that the transfer was rejected due to the wrong information given by the sending bank. This was despite the fact that I had been using the same bank in Singapore for several years. Lost count of the number of transfers I had made from Singapore to ANZ Vietnam over a 5 year period. They were all completed without any problem.

Despite ANZ retaining my funds for 10 days, they then took their "fee" before sending the funds back to the Singapore account.All in all I lost S$100 from the sum transferred while ANZ held onto my funds.

Have since started to use a Vietnam bank and have not had any problem with two transfers from Singapore to Vietnam. Same sender bank, same details but no problems.

This was my experience with ANZ Vietnam
1 No notification from ANZ that there was a problem with the transfer
2. No explanation from ANZ as to why they charged me a fee when they did not credit the funds to my account
3. Despite exactly the same transfers from the same bank in Singapore, ANZ did not communicate to me what the problem was and did not make any attempt to fix the problem
4. Had I not investigated the problem myself, I  would have never discovered that there actually was a problem.

It took me many visits to the ANZ Branch and several phone calls to Singapore to establish that the problem was at ANZ Vietnam. To date still not sure what exactly the problem was. It's still a mystery.

Now using another bank.

I think the charges are quite common. Must remember they charge for services rendered not money transferred. Same thing happened to me with an American bank. Transfer got rejected for a mistake but they still charged for the work done. Fortunate for me customer strive is much better in the USA and they credited my account.

I had a problem with PayPal, they sent me numerous withdrawals to my VN account. The last withdrawal returned to PayPal because my bank in VN rejected it. I looked at PayPals account information and they had reversed my name as per the VN way of doing it, now my first name is my surname . I informed PayPal that my bank account is written as it would be in the West, they said they didn't change it, and I said I didn't change it. To cut a long story short, PayPal said it wasn't their system and I should check my account, but they credited my account with the banks return fee. PayPal never takes responsibility and are always right.

And PayPal is notorious for being hacked here in VN.

It wasnt PayPal Vietnam.

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