24-YearRule for Foreign Couple Seeking Temp. Residence?

My domestic partner (and fiance) and I heard about a "24-year rule" for Danish visa applications -- both partners must be at least 24 in order for a foreigner to get a family reunification visa to join their Danish spouse.

The official Danish visa site is unclear: … cation.htm

Does the 24-year restriction apply only to couples where one partner is a Danish citizen or permanent resident?  Or would it also prevent me (23) and my fiance (22) from moving together?  We are both American, and my fiance plans to get a work visa for a position he's been offered in Denmark.

Any information would be appreciated!  I have tried several times to get in touch with the Danish consulate about this to no avail.  Thank you :)

No, the 24-year rule isn't meant for people in your situation. When used, the rule includes everybody, also Danish expats who want to return to Denmark.

You'll find the relevant rule for you and your fiancé here: … embers.htm

If you need further clarification, you are always welcome to contact the Danish Immigration Service: … ervice.htm


Thank you very much!

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