Hi I am new in Doha. Where are all the expats?

Hi, where do all the expats go to hang out? And what is there to do in Doha thats fun? I am an outdoor person...

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What did you have in mind. Internations is a good start.



Only few places - Beaches, Parks, Clubs/pubs and Malls for shopping.

Not much to do.

Well there are a lot of places actually.. the main area is the corniche which is the seaside. Mostly people go there to relax and it has a small cafeteria where u can get snacks and tea and coffee and relax by the seaside... and also there are beaches bit far from the city but still its good.. mostly people go to malls and cinemas.. bowling, snooker, soccer, water sports..clubs, rooftops

What else can i say .....


Thank you. I will try it out :)

Very interesting  to know these.

I'm interested go out ..
*** call me ..

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lookin for friends.. pm me

welcome to doha
I am karthik hws life?

what is your main activity ?
clubbing, camping shopping, foods and restaurants ,, boring friends ,,
what exactly r u looking for ?

Hi my friend
I just joined this group of chat.My name is Hamza im from tunisia 30 years old.
IDont know if you still here in qatar or not,i wish yes hhhh.Im also looking to have friend that we can share agood time together.Please let me know hen you get my message.

Me also new in Doha

can we meet up

message me

Mostly nowdays cuz of the weather condition you need to stay in door places such as mall or cafes , pub etc ,, but actually there is most of the  places they had an AC in out door !! Yeah that's happening here in doha AC in open air to make you feel fresh ,, but first you need to know what exactly you want to go for it cafe or pub or club or just a night walk!!!!

Best of luck,
Wish you all success in your life.
Kind Words

hi, i  can join you after one month. waiting for my visa

Welcome to Doha, wish u best of luck.. usually Thursdays are for early evening drinks for  networking at places like trader Vic's, wahm, Kempiniski lounge etc.. then later dinner or clubbing may be depends what u like.. outdoor activities are mostly during Fridays and Saturdays.. however the weather these days is not the best..

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