My Visa Rejection

HI All,

My Name is Dima and am from Lebanon but already living in Bahrain, I have a saudi iqama under my family and have lived there and in Bahrain my whole life.

Recently I joined a new company and they applied for my Work visa 3 time but all times got rejected even though I have had 3 work visas before and I have a Bahraini Cpr and Licences also a loan from one of the Banks in Bahrain and now am stuck being afraid of losing my job here does anyone have any suggestions or know how to get it done please advise.

Thank you.


I am afraid other than your potential employer who is trying to apply for the visa, no else one would know the reason why the visa is being rejected or you may have seek legal advise from a lawyer.


From the little I have observed, Lebanese citizens are not easily granted residency in Bahrain...

It has happened in the past to an ex-employee of mine... We finally had to approach Immigration Directorate and submit all relevant documents before we got his residency approved


Hi ,

Thanks for your reply.

whats the name of the immigration directorate that you contacted?

You would need to meet someone higher up at the Immigration Directorate... It might be worth your while to make an appointment with one of the senior bureaucrats/officers there... Either that or contact a good agent who specializes in this

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