British woman marrying a Saudi man and living in Bahrain?

Hello all! I met my partner while he was studying abroad in the U.K. from Saudi Arabia, and we plan on getting married next year. He works in Dhahran, and we researched and discovered that it's extremely difficult to get marriage permission in Saudi Arabia for a Saudi man to marry a foreign girl, especially with the age restrictions, however, he says he has heard of people who live in Bahrain and commute into Saudi Arabia to work, and that it might be easier if we just get married and live together in Bahrain, so we can avoid the whole process of the marriage permission. He also says he would prefer to live in Bahrain anyway.

So my question is this: is it possible for us to get married, perhaps in the U.K. or Bahrain? If we get married in the UK, will it be recognised in Bahrain?
Secondly, if it is possible, what kind of visa would I need to apply for in order to stay with him?

Getting married abroad.

Number one on the list is a certificate of no impediment from your local registry office.
Then get that and your birth certificate legalised well before you travel.

https://www.get-document-legalised.serv … ct-service

Question No. 1 - Yes you can get married in UK and recognized in Bahrain.
Question No. 2 - Type of visa - Husband Sponsor or Family Visa. It means you are under his sponsorship. Immigration Mandub or Govt Relation Officer can do the processing with a fee. Many visa options but better for the professional to handle.

Thanks so much for the responses! This is a huge relief. Would I need to gain a certificate of no impediment even if I get married in the UK, is the purpose of this certificate to ensure our marriage is recognised in Bahrain?
Or would I only need such a certificate if we were planning on getting married in Bahrain? To be clear, we would prefer to get married in the U.K. Or would it just be easier to marry in Bahrain?

Hello there gentlereader,

Thanks for your response. I have a follow up question to your second point, can he still sponsor her as her husband even though he's not a Bahraini national? I'm in a similar position and currently looking at this option of living with my lady in Bahrain. I'm Saudi.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Is best to marry in UK

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