Dog Grooming

I am looking for a professional dog groomer.  The so-called groomers who work by day in pet stores and groom by moonlight leave much to be desired.  Does anymore a high quality dog groomer who specializes is small breeds?

I'm moving to Gozo in 3 weeks and have 15 years experience, I'll be leaving behind a very successful business and can groom all breeds large & small, if your on Gozo you can send me a message for more details

I would like to have my dogs groomed this week if possible. Do you have time?

I'm still in the UK and won't be in Gozo till the beginning of June but anytime after that I'm available

If you find one that's good, please let me know.  I went to one in Marsascala and they were so rough with my little Foxy.  He's a rescue and so afraid of new people.  He looked petrified throughout the entire experience.  There just didn't seem to be any compassion with the ladies that groomed him.

That's not to say that they didn't do a good job though, because they did, it was just there seemed to be a lack of gentleness about them.

You can use Hand Your Paw! I use their services (the dog daycare) and they are highly professional and caring :)

Ooo doggie day care too? Fab! Thanks

Hi Suryf!

We had contact before about the hand stripping of a Border Terrier in Malta and I suggested Hand your Paw.

And now I read you are using their service as well! That's nice!

Do you let him groom there? And does your dog go to daycare as well?

Would be nice to hear from you again! :-)

Alberta from Paws & Claws Pet Grooming is very good !

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